Many Lives, Many Masters

Many-lives-Many-mastersMany Lives, Many Masters is a great book, very compelling and an unstoppable read. The book is an interesting account of a traditional, conservative psychotherapist (Dr. Brian Weiss), who for the first time came face-to-face with the concept of reincarnation, the space between lives, presence of many Gods (Masters) and many other tenets of Hinduism.

Dr. Weiss discovered that in a trance like state, a person can share experiences from her previous lifetimes. In a series of trance-like states, his patient (Catherine) shared some unique insights into life, death and reincarnation. She remembers, living 86 times in physical state in different places on this earth both as male and female. She extensively recalled the details of each birth – her name, her family, physical appearance, the landscape and how she was killed by stabbing, by drowning, or illness.

The book definitely sheds a new light on life when you think that everybody is here to learn their lessons and that no deed (good or bad) goes unnoticed (Hindu concept of Karma).

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